IBA Interview Preparation

For any kind of viva exam or interview, it is important you prepare yourself beforehand. In the discussion below, we will be explaining how you will prepare for IBA MBA interview test. Any other competitive interview examinations’ preparation will be similar.

Among all the candidates who will pass the written test, only about 33% will be eliminated from the interview and rest of the 67% will be selected to get enrolled in the MBA program. If you do not know much about IBA MBA, please read our discussion here.

Therefore, if you have been selected for the interview, you are among the 3 candidates out of whom 2 will be selected for the final list.

Selection Criteria For IBA Interview

  1. Attire and appearance: It is very important that you must be dressed formal attire. If you are a male candidate, you must wear suit and tie. You also must not choose dark color. For female candidates, you must wear decent formal dress with a decent color combination. Please keep in mind, you might not get any point for your attire but can get some negative points for not maintaining this.
  2. Being on time: It might sound weird that being on time could be an important criterion. From the past experience, it was seen that there were incidents that the candidates who appeared late, were not even given chance to take part in the interview.
  3. Spoken English: This is perhaps the most important criterion to score well in the interview. If you are not good in accent or not even 100% currect in grammar, do not panic. Just speak and do not be reticent when talking about something. The interviewers like the candidates who love to speak a lot. But be careful of not speaking off the topic matters.
  4. Confidence: It is correlated to your spoken English and reasoning ability. If your English is good and you can handle the interview question with proper reasoning, you’ll be automatically confident. But yet, if you feel nervous, pretend that you are confident, or at least do not show your nervousness.
  5. Reasoning: Even if you are good in spoken English, the interviewer might try to make you confused with any kinds of awkward questions. You must have to have good reasoning and argument capacity to handle these.

If you want to know about how to prepare in ‘Mathematical aptitude’ section of IBA, you can visit our page here. 

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