Types of MBA in Dhaka University IBA

MBA in Dhaka University IBA is a dream to many. MBA program is the oldest program run by IBA. This program started its journey in 1966 during the initiation of IBA. IBA started executive MBA program in 2007.

Regular MBA

There are two types of regular MBA at IBA- full time and part time. Therefore, if a student takes her classes at night, it will also be regular MBA.

Full time

Fresh graduates who do not have a job, choose full time MBA at IBA. Because a full time MBA student can complete her MBA in 2.5 years.

Till last year, there were two intake examinations for full time MBA at IBA. One took place in the month of July and the other in December. 60 students could get into in each session. From this year, IBA has changed its intake pattern for the regular MBA batch. Therefore, from now on, there will be only one intake exam for the regular batches in November/ December session. The examination committee reserves all the decisions.

Part time

This is another version of regular MBA. The difference is that, part time MBA of IBA has been designed for the job holders. Therefore, classes are held in the afternoon on week days. On weekends, classes can be held any time depending on the needs. Each year during November/ December, intake exam of part time MBA takes place.

Executive MBA

Executive MBA of Dhaka University IBA was designed for the executive who are doing a full time job yet they pursue an MBA.

IBA designed a special MBA program for the mid level executives in 2007 which they call Executive MBA. Every year, there are three intake examinations where about 40 MBA seekers can get into each session. Therefore, in a total of 120 MBA seekers can get into each year in this program.

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