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Questions on analytical ability appear in different competitive exams now a days. It is more important for the candidates to prepare well in this part than any other sections, because we never have encountered these types of questions in our academic life. For IBA preparation, it is perhaps the most important section to prepare beforehand because a candidate has to pass all the individual sections. We’ll be discussing IBA MBA analytical ability preparation. For other competitive exams, question pattern might be similar.

Total marks for this section is 15 for 15 questions, 1 mark for each. Three kinds of questions might appear in this section:

  1. Analytical puzzle
  2. Critical reasoning and
  3. Data sufficiency
IBA Preparation
IBA Preparation (Analytical)

Analytical puzzle

For IBA preparation of the puzzle part of analytical ability section ,you can practice from GRE big book. Out of 15 questions, approximately 10 questions might be analytical puzzle type. You might face two or three different sets of puzzle questions having 3 or 4 questions each.  If you can understand the problem properly, it is very easy to answer all the related set of questions. Therefore, a candidate is suggested to practice as much type of questions as possible so that she can easily understand the problem. It is important that a candidate answer all the puzzle questions because critical reasoning section might be comparatively difficult. Therefore, a candidate should confirm pass mark in analytical puzzle section.

Critical reasoning

There are approximately 3-5 questions to assess your reasoning ability. Sometimes the questions appear with big sentences. In this case, if you do not have sufficient time, it is better to skip these questions and focus on analytical puzzle.

Data sufficiency

This section does not appear in every session. But data sufficiency is relatively easy to answer. Therefore, a candidate should have enough preparation for this section.

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