IBA English Preparation

We already know that English for competitive exam is very similar. All types of examinations follow similar pattern. Among these examinations, IBA intake exam is a standard one. For the ease of discussion, below is a guideline for English of IBA MBA intake examination. If a candidate follow this guideline, she’ll hopefully perform well in English for competitive exam.

There will be 30 marks in English section of IBA MBA intake exam. There might be the following types of questions:

  1. Sentence completion/ Fill in the blanks
  2. Error identification/Finding the correct/ appropriate sentence
  3. Synonym/ antonym
  4. Comprehension
  5. Analogy
  6. Idioms and phrases/ Preposition

English for competitive exam is kind of similar pattern.

Sentence Completion:

This is a must section in IBA admission test. There might be as much as 15 questions in the form of sentence completion. Your vocabulary will mainly be tested. Besides, error finding, finding the appropriate word, using of right preposition, idiom and phrases can also appear in the form of sentence completion.

Error Identification/ Finding right sentence:

Followings are the types of error identification:

  1. Identify error of a long sentence
  2. Find the wrong sentence from a list of sentence
  3. Identify the correct sentence from a list of sentence


Your strength of vocabulary might be tested by these questions.


This is a must section. In every session, one or two reading comprehension appear. There might be 3 to 7 questions based on the comprehension passage. You must be time conscious when answering these questions.


Your application capacity of the vocabulary might be tested through this section. Not every year analogy questions appear in IBA admission test.

Idiom and phrases/ Preposition:

These questions might appear in the form of fill in the blank.

Passing criteria:

There is no fixed passing mark. In most cases, 40% will suffice. If you can score 60% , you are totally safe.

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