EMBA General Information

Business faculty of University of Dhaka (FBS) offers  MBA which is among the top in Bangladesh in terms of reputation.  This MBA is designed for both, job holders and students. Classes are taken in the evening time. Therefore, we call it DU EMBA where ‘E’ stands for ‘Evening’.

Admission sessions

There are three admission sessions each year- during March-July-November.


The expense of DU EMBA can vary depending on several factors such as how long you are taking to finish your degree, waiver of courses etc. However, it can be as low as 190000 to 300000 BDT.

Number of seats

Number of students can enroll in each session is 720.


DU EMBA is comparatively less competitive. In each session, about 3000 to 4000 candidates sit for the admission test. Among them, 720 candidates can get into.

Market value

DU EMBA is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious MBA degrees in Bangladesh.  Because, we see a plenty of successful EMBA graduates are there in the market who are holding vital positions in different domains of businesses. Employers consider EMBA degree as one of the top MBA degrees in the country.

Application Criteria

You need at least 6 points to apply for the admission test. The points are calculated based on the attained GPA in SSC, HSC and graduation.

GPA RangePoints
4.00 to 5.003
3.00 to 3.992
2.50 to 2.991

A candidate can attend the exam as many times as she wishes. There is no bar.

Job experience

It is not mandatory for the admission. But candidates with job experience will get some free marks. There are 10 marks separated for the job holders. Therefore, Candidates who do not have any job experience will get zero in 10.

To know about question pattern of DU EMBA, please visit our page here.

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